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Thursday, March 5, 2015

“The speed is perfect and your body transforms. You become one with the bike and the road and the environment. It’s amazing. It’s amazing.” - Aaron Zukoski

Grassroutes is a small group that does an annual bicycle expedition to raise money for International Development Exchange (IDEX)​ on issues of women's empowerment, environmental justice, and economic development in 6 different countries. In 2014 they did the “Bubbles Tour,” a 330 mile bike tour from San Francisco through wine country.

Enjoy the short film I put together where I follow them through the twist and turns and share my eyes on them with you.

Explore Grassroutes and join them on their 2015 ride to Vegas!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Like leaves, scattered in the breeze, that once all shared the same tree.

One night, as I walked by a homeless man sitting on the street, our eyes met. He was in his upper thirds, I'd say 60s. I lightly nodded my head in a gesture of acknowledgement and respect. My feet and brain kept rolling, but my tummy hollowed.

Those eyes... They held me. I was not sad for him nor did I want to serve him. I was sad for me. ME. In that fraction of a second, through his eyes, I saw me.

"Another" is not something I can serve. All that it offers is relief from guilt, a boost of ego, or perhaps fulfillment of a sense of responsibility. It's not enough. I need to look deeper and find our connection. I have to see myself in their eyes. Serve from a place of meaning, purpose and authenticity.

That's how I want to see and that's how I hope to be seen. Connected. To understand we are just leaves, scattered in the breeze, that once all shared the same tree.