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Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Marketting Piece

Some people call me a professional photographer and film-maker. It makes me smile because I think the word professional is long and funny.

I don’t have a niche but I’m inspired by wabi-sabi. “Professionally," I photograph and/or film people who can pay me and who I’m feeling it with. I’m not a Jedi and I don’t use mind tricks to make people think they are getting a good deal. If I’m feeling that $2000 is fair, then I’m not going to ask for $1999. I also find the number “0” too beautiful to ignore.

My prices mostly range from $250 - $3500 but I rarely do any project under $250. I occasionally trade and occasionally gift but I’m unpredictable in these matters.

I find beauty in authenticity. If you want me to make you someone you’re not, or create a script that makes everyone like you - it’s beyond my ability and desire. I don’t say much except to forget the camera, be yourself, and come out and play.

Send me an email if you’re feeling it! Don’t call though because phone calls stress me out.

Okay - that’s all I got!