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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Soren and Wisdom 2.0

Conferences are full of bullshit but I like Wisdom 2.0 Gatherings. It feels like a sprinkle of bullshit on top of a mountain of authenticity.

I recently sat down with Soren, the founder, to talk about the 2015 Wisdom 2.0 Conference. What grabbed me was the story of his environmental walk across the world and it's splay of unplanned adventures and deep connections. The seed of Wisdom 2.0 is built on that foundation and it shows when you chat with the founder who seeps authenticity. I've met some pretty great people at Wisdom 2.0 and I'll be there this year with my camera. If you're coming to the conference this February, bump into me!

Info on the conference can be found at www.wisdom2conference.com